What is a Radical Social Centre?

Social Centres are community spaces, used for a wide range of not-for-profit activities. They are often organising hubs, hosting activist groups, community projects, and minority group networks such as prisoner and refugee support.

They often provide access to alternative, hard to access information, through projects such as libraries, infoshops, film nights and talks, and host activist meetings, gigs, workshops, skill shares.

Social Centres are run by community for community on a volunteer basis, in the spirit of co-operation, solidarity and mutual aid.

Social Centres use non-hierarchical consensus decision-making and lean to the radical left politically, including anarchist, anarcha-feminist (or ‘intersectional feminist’), autonomist, or communist viewpoints.

Social Centres are often designated as ‘Safer Spaces’, which means that no oppressive behaviour or discrimination against minority groups is allowed, and the space is made as accessible as possible for marginalised people – low cost, low allergen, mobility access, child friendly, gender neutral bathrooms, etc.

Social Centres reject power-over relationships, and are explicitly free from both capitalist market, and state control. They rely on the communities that support them.
by the people, for the people.

You can read about Social Centres by clicking here.

Who can use 128?

We welcome groups and individuals that are working towards radical social change, including community building and other kinds of activism, and those who are interested in these things.

There are spaces at 128 which you can book for meetings, events, film screenings, creative projects, and getting together.

We especially welcome people who are often excluded from other places and events because of prejudice and discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, size, disability, age, income, class, etc.

You can read more on our Aims & Objectives and Kaupapa pages in the main menu.

What does it cost?

You can book the spaces for koha – cover your costs and give what you can.
At 128 that might mean simply tidy the sofas, vacuum the floor, and wash the dishes.
Some groups give $10 per hour, others bring a box of fruit or some coffee, others come over and weed the garden or help out during Working Bees.
What you give is up to you.

Our Donations page has some great ideas, The 128 Collective’s bank account number, and more information about koha.

Interested in being part of a community?

If you are looking for community, you could join a group that uses 128, come to an event or working bee here, or book a space and organise a discussion or skill-share.

See our ‘Groups at 128’ and ‘Drop in for’ pages for more information.

Essential Information

128’s ground floor is mobility accessible, safe for children, smoke-free, and a sober space.
The bathroom is for all genders.
128 is a low allergen space, which means NO incense, sprays, perfumes – for tips on going fragrance-free please see the accessibility page in the main menu.
We 100% support Disability Assist and companion animals.
We are also aware that some people have allergies or phobias – please talk to The 128 Collective about how we can support you.

128 has a Safer Spaces Policy, which includes no sexism, racism, fatphobia, transphobia, hating on sex workers, hating on migrants or refugees, etc. Prejudice towards minority groups is not welcome at 128, so The 128 Collective encourages people who are planning events or meetings at 128 to link to the Safer Spaces policy from their website, put it up on their event page, email it to their members, or print it out and make sure that people have an opportunity to read and discuss it.

You can find the full Safer Spaces Policy, Accessibility Information, and What’s Inside in the main menu.

When is 128 Open?

The spaces can be booked between 10am and 9pm weekdays and weekends – see our ‘Open Hours’ and ‘Drop in for’ pages for more info.