Working Bee December 15th

This coming Saturday, December 15 there will be a working bee at 128 Abel Smith Street from 11am-5pm.
The plan is to get some of the upstairs rooms cleaned out and painted. These rooms will then be made available for groups/projects who are looking for space.

It would be great to have many hands with this work.

We need support from the wider community of people who care about 128 to help make the transition to a new structure for the running of the house. The conflict within the 128 collective has not been resolved, and is unlikely to be, so your support to make 128 function better is awesome! The working bee is kinda a practical step towards that.

So yeah, anyone who has been wanting to get involved and help out we would love to see you there 🙂
Feel free to bring cleaning stuff, paint, anything thats been chillin in your shed too long that you think might be useful, and if you wanna contact us get in touch with Stephen, Steph, Val, Ryan, Kiesia, Carven, Alex, Geoff, Marlene or Rouge by e-mailing us at

Nga mihi

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