Fifth Annual Anarchist Raft Race

You are hereby invited to the  ‘Fifth Annual Anarchist (Proxy) Raft Race – Keeping anarchism afloat’
12.30pm, Sunday 24th February 2013. Meeting at Boielle Flat, Otaki Forks
This years event is more of a float than a race, aimed at inner tubes, kayaks and inflatables and the like rather than serious raft construction as the river is low and there is unlikely to be enough water for anything big and heavy.
We are starting with a picnic – please bring food to share and also snacks and drinking water for on the river.
Please also bring any spare floating things you have – we will have a foot pump or two plus a bike pump for inflating at the picnic area.
We are planning 2 routes, approx 1 1/2 hours and a further approx 2 1/2 hours for those who want longer. Both could be suitable for kids/adults and no previous experience.
People should bring:
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunblock
  • Picnic lunch
  • Snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Dry clothes for afterwards
  • Floating things
  • Sandals or wet-shoes as sometimes it is necessary to walk over rocks in shallow areas…
  • Wet suits (there will be some spare adult ones for those likely to be in the water, eg on inner tubes) Please bring spares if you can
  • Life jackets – please bring any spares, it would especially be good to have them for kids
  • Sunhats
  • Pirate clothing
Where to meet: 12.30pm at Boielle Flat, which is the start of the Arcus Loop walk. It is the turnoff before the DoC warden house and has a walking track swing bridge across the river. There is a map here: There is plenty of parking, toilets, lots of picnic space etc.
Please note: There is no cell reception for most of the Otaki Gorge area…so arriving on time is a good idea to make sure we all meet up ok.

HOMIESEXUAL! March 2nd, 10pm at Emperors Bath House

The inclusive LGBTQI+ friendly R&B and Hip Hop party brought to you by BOX (who work from 128).This event is timely given recent media conversations about supposed tensions between Pasifika communities, hip-hop communities and our LGBTQI+ communities. BOX believes there is no separating the aforementioned communities. Despite the media hype, we are one, and we intend to party like we are one.

Proceeds will be going to the Samoa Victim Support Group (, a grassroots organisation that helps domestic and sexual abuse survivors in the islands. Currently they are working on cyclone recovery efforts in Samoa.

Emcee Masala
DJ Au Mai Gosh
Monique – R&B Artist
Sian – Poet
Brey Kin Hearts – Drag King
Elijah – Pop Artist
DJ Leilani

Thugged out drink specials and prizes for ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘Most Iced Out’ Playaz and Fly Gurls!

Door sales $10
Presales $5 here:

Homiesexual attire and swag optional. LESgo!

The Peoples Kitchen, anyone wanna organise?

Peoples kitchen group is currently on a break, if anyone wants to start up a new dumpster diving crew and get it going again give the 128 collective a holla and we’ll be happy to help out in whatever ways we can.
We have all the cleanup and cooking gear, a sweet kitchen, signs, chalk, banners, and means to advertise that ITS ON!! So if you have a crew and want to do the diving get in touch!