Space available for a group

We still have one upstairs office/ space available for very cheap rent to a social justice/radical left group.
For info about what happens at 128, which groups are currently running from 128, what kind of groups would be suited to work from 128, what 128’s kaupapa is, or how to contact the 128 collective please look around our website.
If you are part of a group or project who might be interested in renting this space, get in touch with the 128 collective.

Kia ora

Solidarity protest against police brutality at Sydney madi gras

Australian High Commission, 72-76 Hobson Street, Thorndon, 6pm today.
Placard painting at 128 NOW.

Two incidents of police brutality were reported after Sydney Mardi Gras 2013, with Youtube footage showing one young man being violently assaulted by police and slammed onto the street. See the footage here: group the Queer Avengers oppose the police brutality seen at Sydney Mardi Gras and are standing in solidarity with the victims and the communities. The Queer Avengers oppose internal inquests and believe that an overhaul of the complaints system is needed.

The Queer Avengers’ press release can be found here:

For more information or for those based in Sydney, check out the main protest taking place at the same time:

The Queer Avengers will be protesting outside the Australian Embassy at 6pm on Friday the 8th of March, in an action coinciding with a Sydney protest.