Sunday May 5th Working Bee

Sunday May 5th at 11.30am come to 128 for a working bee! Theres lots to be done, including sanding, priming and painting the windows out the front on the ground floor, fixing the planter boxes and planting flowers, and building a table and bench seats in the back yard to seat 20 people! Its gonna be heaps fun!! Theres also lots of paints and art supplies to sort through, shelving needs moving around, dress ups need to go downstairs to the free box, and the pantry needs an autumn clear out. There are also heaps of board games with mixed up pieces to sort through, the new wheelchair ramp needs finishing, and someone needs to take the worm farm home, because the worms could do with some love (and a steady stream of food scraps).

We’re expecting a really good turn out, most of the groups who are based at 128 and many of the groups who regularly book 128 are keen to help out, so if you feel like doing some cool stuff at 128 or getting to know people a bit better come along!
There will be a big list of jobs and all the gear needed to get them done!
We really look forward to seeing you there, and hope you’ll stick around after for a big feed around the freshly built outdoor community dinner table.

Love and Solidarity
– The 128 Collective