Revolting Books are awesome, come check them out!

Revolting Books lends books, zines, and DVDs for up to three weeks on the following topics:

– anarchism: theory, practice and history
– alternatives to capitalism
– anti-state, anti-police, anti-militarism, anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian works
– feminism
– environmentalism
– animal rights
– indigenous struggles
– Maori history and language
– NZ history and biography
– Gay/queer/transgender experiences and struggles
– DIY material (including health, languages, self-sufficiency)
– liberating spirituality
– fiction/biography that is inspiring/gives voice to marginalised people
– Radical and/or good children’s books
– Current reference books of wide use (dictionaries, atlases, thesauri, etc)

Having all these resources in one place is great for browsing the shelves and discovering the next book to liberate your world view!

Check out their new arrivals on their awesome website here.


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