Femme Club Fingerfood Feast!

It’s time for a femme club gathering – complete with a fingerfood competition for femmes and friends and we love new faces! 🙂

Who makes the most amazing fingerfood!! Folks who can/wanna could all bring some kind of amazing finger food/snack and/or a random item they made, found, brought or stole and whoevers food skillz are deemed most awesome wins the prize! (which is all the random items). There’s vegetarian kitchen facilities available at 128 if you need to prepare stuff there. 🙂

Sunday Sept 22, 1pm in the yellow room.
For full details.
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Femme Club Wellington

Femme Club Wellington is an in-person social group for Femmes and friends.
‘Femme is about LGBTQIAA (+) folks reclaiming femininity, saying a fierce fuck you to patriarchy and how we’re ‘supposed to’ do femininity, and doing it our way.
Femme is a celebration of the diversity, strength and power of femininity.’

FCW sometimes meets up at 128 for talks, food, nail painting and general awsomeness.
Femmes of all genders are welcome.
For more info, see their facebook page here.

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