Message from Shakti ethnic womens support group

Thanks to everyone who helped out, came to banner painting at 128, and attended the candle light vigil.


This message from project manager Sarah Chin –

Dear all,

Sorry it took half a day to get to here, but thank you all so much for all your hard work leading up to the vigil and on the day. Whether you printed out fliers, put up posters at night, painted the banner, wax-proofed the candles, provided much needed gear, or was there on the day to help out on the ground, it is because of every single one of you that the vigil was able to happen. I would like to express our gratitude to you all, together we were able to mourn for the lost lives and hopefully strive for some kind of social change within Wellington.

I know so many more were involved than just the ones addressed here in the email; special acknowledgement goes to the Young Feminist Collective, who provided the candles and was involved in painting the amazing banner; to the 128 Collective who provided yet another awesome banner as well as other much needed gear. There are also other volunteers on the day who helped out on the ground, unfortunately I do not know their contact details. Could you all please help  forward this note of thanks to them?
On that note, on behalf of Shakti, I wish you all the best for the holiday season, and hope we will see each other again soon in the year to come.
Warmest regards,
Sara Chin
Wellington Project Coordinator
Shakti Ethnic Women’s Support Group (Wellington)

Shaktis’ website
Shaktis’ facebook


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