It is important to The 128 Collective that everyone is able to access 128 and the meetings, events, and resources hosted by 128. This page contains accessability info, and ways that you can help keep 128 accessible.

Please ask any questions and let us know if you have any feedback or accessability requirements we can help with.

Kia ora,

The 128 Collective.

Mobility and Physical Spaces

∅ Doors and Hallways

  • All doors open manually.
  • Downstairs is all mobility accessible.
  • STRICTLY NO BIKES are to be left on the paths, in the entrance, or passageways.

∅ Stairs and Steps

  • There are 2 steps to the back yard from the kitchen, though The 128 Collective plans to build a ramp in 2017.
  • The first floor has many stairs and no lift access or ramps

∅ Seating

  • 128 has a variety of chairs and sofas in the kitchen, meeting rooms, tamariki space, and creative area.
  • Some have seat padding and back padding, some are metal, some are office chairs, some are plastic, some are wood, and some are big low sofas.
  • 128 Also has some folding chairs which are metal with padded vinyl cushion and backing.

∅ Parking

There is coupon parking on the street opposite 128, with the first 2 hours being free (no coupon needed).

There is also residents only parking further up the street, so please check the signs.

There are no specifically mobility parks on the street.

All parking nearby is parallel parking.

∅ Bathroom

  • All bathrooms are gender neutral
  • The ground floor bathroom is kept free of clutter so a chair can turn around easily.
  • There is a hand rail next to the toilet in the ground floor bathroom

∅ Deck

The deck upstairs in unsafe, please keep off.


  • There are no areas at 128 exclusively lit by fluros, where there are fluros they can be turned off.
  • Other lighting and lamps are available.


  • The kitchen is vegetarian and only vegetarian food can be stored, cooked, and eaten in the kitchen (excluding cat or dog food).
  • Any food can be eaten everywhere else at 128.
  • All foods are kept in cupboards or the frigde-freezer.
  • All cupboards have carabena locks.
  • The frigde-freezer has carabena locks.

Fencing & Children

  • The back yard is fully fenced and free from hazards to small children, however there is an ash tray in the smoking area which needs to be put away from time to time.
  • The compost and garden are fenced.
  • The front yard is unfenced.
  • Children are welcome in the bike workshop but may need supervision.
  • All poisons, cleaning products, paints etc are kept out of reach.
  • All gates have carabena locks
  • There is a gate between the ground and first floor – this has a carabena lock.
  • All doors to meeting rooms have carabena locks.


There are portable heaters throughout 128 as well as blankets and cushions, use freely.


  • 128 is a low chemical allergen space, we try to keep incense, air fresheners etc out of the house and ask that people refrain from wearing strong cologne/perfumes at 128 if possible.
  • 128, while regularly cleaned, is an old somewhat dusty building.
  • The inside of the building and the front yard and entrance of 128 are STRICTLY SMOKE-FREE.
  • The back yard has a smoking area away from the kitchen door.

Chemical and fragrance allergens including second hand smoke may cause difficulty breathing, migraine headaches, flu-like symptoms and more for those with sensitivities and allergies. These symptoms are not always readily apparent and sometimes show up hours later or persist for days after an exposure.

Coming to 128 having used fragranced products on your body or your clothing means that those who are sensitive are faced with the choice to stay and get sick or leave and be unable to access important meetings, services, or events, or do their job. Please help to make 128 accessible to all by coming to 128 fragrance free and smoking only in designated areas.

Thanks to Gay City, The 128 Collective used parts of your policy ❤