Aims & Objectives


To create and maintain a radical left social and resource centre which prioritises minority groups

Statement of intent

  1. The 128 Collective aims to create a welcoming and functional space which is safe and accessible, particularly for people who are often excluded from other spaces by systemic oppressions (minority/marginalised people)
  2. The 128 Collective aims to serve minority groups and communities working toward radical social change, and who share The 128 Collective’s Values and Principals
  3. The 128 Collective aims to be a positive and sustainable example of working collectively and horizontally in ways which are anti-oppressive and acknowledge power imbalances
  4. The 128 Collective prioritises keeping 128 accessible for those with mobility access needs and other marginalised access needs, including those who are, and have, children
  5. The 128 Collective aims to be functional and responsible, and for it’s members to be accountable to each other and work together
  6. The 128 Collective aims to be welcoming to all people who are interested in initiating or participating in activities at 128, or generally on the radical left in Wellington, and to direct them to the appropriate group doing the kinds of work or activities they are interested in doing
  7. The 128 Collective aims for inclusiveness, diversity, and prioritising minorities within The 128 Collective membership, the caretakers, and the groups it allows to operate from the building. This includes going beyond lip service and ensuring that minority groups are over-represented in all aspects of 128’s existance

Values and Principles

  1. The 128 Collective is against all forms of oppression, systems of domination, and abuses of power
  2. The 128 Collective acknowledges that oppression is based on structural, systemic, and institutional power: it recognises that minority groups are people who have less structural, systemic, and institutional power, and that this affects people collectively and individually
  3. The 128 Collective recognises that Maori have a unique position, as Tangata Whenua, First Nations Indigenous Peoples, upon whose land we all sit
  4. The 128 Collective recognises and values Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of Aotearoa New Zealand, and the absolute right of Maori to Tino Rangatiratanga
  5. The 128 Collective is anti-hierarchy, collectively organised, and consensus based
  6. The 128 Collective values personal responsibility for individual actions, cooperative behaviour, and community responsiveness
  7. The 128 Collective acknowledges and respects diversity
  8. The 128 Collective recognises that being anti-oppression is being pro-minorities, and therefore prioritises minority group people both in terms of 128 Collective membership, choice of caretakers, in deciding which groups can use 128, and in the allocation for long term use of different areas at 128