128 is entirely funded by the grassroots groups who use 128, DIY fundraising and donations, so we REALLY appreciate your help in paying the bills!
The 128 Collective’s bank account number is 38-9003-0061467-00.

Other things which are really useful koha include fruit, soy milk, coffee, sugar, teas, hot chocolate, toilet paper, light bulbs, hand soap, and dish washing liquid.

128 often hosts art projects, banner and placard painting, so supplies like good acrylic paints and spray paints are great too, as well as good paint brushes, acetate paper, craft knives, banner canvases, and screen printing supplies for patches.

128 also has a garden, so if you have cuttings, seedlings or seeds you would like to donate that would be lovely, or if your garden has fresh flowers for the table, that would be amazing too!

Or if you would like to give 128 a gift that will grace the walls for years to come, there are some fantastic posters here (this is a set of 4, but they are also available individually).

Thanks so much for your support.

-The 128 Collective