Get Involved/Use 128

Want to book a space at 128?

The 128 Collective likes to meet groups and make relationships with them, so we all have a feel for what each other does. You can pop by 128 or arrange a time to drop in, have a chat, and fill in a booking form, or you can download the 128 Booking Form here and print it, fill it in, and return it to The 128 Collective by email, snail mail, or in person.

Interested in being part of a community?

If you are looking for community, you could join a group that uses 128, come to an event or working bee here, or book a space and organise a discussion or skill-share.

Become a friend of 128!

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Come to a working bee

The 128 Collective holds working bees every now and then, which traditionally involve things like painting, cleaning, fixing windows, building, gardening, and some kind of shared pot luck meal with lots of good company and interesting talks.
These are announced on 128’s Facebook page which you can view in the sidebar, and also on posters or notices on 128’s front door or windows.

Want to join The 128 Collective?

The 128 Collective is a closed collective, which runs according to a Constitution. It is a horizontal collective with parallel leadership – which means that everyone in The 128 Collective has an equal say in decisions and all work is shared equally. New members are usually invited to join because they are known for their intersectional feminism and activist work toward radical social change.

In a nutshell, The 128 Collective’s job is to manage 128: to see that 128 is meeting it’s Constitutional Aims & Objectives, and facilitate it’s use by groups that are working towards radical social change, and in particular minority groups. The 128 Collective’s job is also to manage conflicts and harm resulting from breeches of The Safer Spaces Policy – so something quite involved and very different to other community centres.

The 128 Collective’s job is not to BE the activist group that everyone joins, but to provide a safe(r) and accessible environment for those groups.
We encourage you to join those groups.