The 128 Collective

128 is run by The 128 Collective – a small group of diverse volunteers from different minority groups, who have intersectional, radical left politics, and a passion for community.

The 128 Collective is a closed collective, which runs according to a Constitution.
In a nutshell, it’s job is to manage 128:

  • to take care of the building maintenence
  • to organise systems for cleaning
  • to see that 128 is meeting it’s Constitutional Aims & Objectives
  • to facilitate 128’s use by groups that are working towards radical social change, and in particular minority groups that are excluded from other spaces because of prejudice and lack of resources.

The 128 Collective’s job is not to BE the activist group that everyone joins, but to PROVIDE AN ACCESSIBLE ENVIRONMENT for those groups.

The 128 Collective is sometimes referred to as ‘the anarchist collective’, but despite operating on anarchist principals The 128 Collective is not exclusively made up of anarchists.